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Find the sugar with the Sugar Smart app


1.   Download the Change4Life Sugar Smart app for free from the App Store or Google Play

2.   Scan the foods in your fridge, cupboard and when you shop

3.   See for yourself the amount of total sugar sugar in everyday food and drinks


Did you know?? ... A can of cola = 9 sugar cubes

                               Sugary yoghurt = 5 sugar cubes

                               Muffin = 5 sugar cubes


Maximum daily amount of sugar we can have:

 4-6 years = 5 sugar cubes max or 19grams

7-10 years = 6 sugar cubes or 24grams                                             1 cube = 4 grams

from 11 years = 7 sugar cubes or 30grams                                            of sugar


More information can be found on the Change4Life Website