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Kindness Awards

Our First Trophy Winners presented by Mrs Riley

Early Years Winner
KS1 Winner
KS2 Winner
Early Years Winner 18/03/20
KS1 Winner 18/03/20
KS2 Winner 18/03/20
Early Years Winner 13/02/20
KS1 Winner 13/02/20
KS2 Winner 13/02/20
Early Years Winner 15/01/20
KS1 Winner 15/01/20
KS2 Winner 15/01/20
Early Years Winner 13/11/19
KS1 Winner 13/11/19
KS2 Winner 13/11/19
Early Years Winner 16/10/19
KS1 Winner 16/10/19
KS2 Winner 16/10/19
Early Years Winner 09/10/19
KS1 Winner 09/10/19
KS2 Winner 09/10/19
Early Years Winner 02/10/19
KS1 Winner 02/10/19
KS2 Winner 02/10/19
Early Years Winner 25/09/19
KS1 Winner 25/09/19
KS2 Winner 25/09/19
Early Years Winner 18/09/19
KS1 Winner 18/09/19
KS2 Winner 18/09/19

The Kindness Award is an incentive to encourage children to continue being kind to one another in school which will then help children to be respectful and helpful to others in society.

These trophies have been generously donated by Mr & Mrs Riley.


 'The Riley Kindness Award Trophy' will be given to one child in Early Years, KS1 & KS2 weekly.