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St George's Cathedral Visit

The children visited St George’s Cathedral, to take part in a Deanery Schools Celebration. They attended a Music workshop, held by Mark Kennedy, who runs the choir at Westminster School. He taught them songs about Peace and Faith and they learned different harmony lines, and about pitch.
Afterwards, the children had a tour of the Cathedral, and completed a questionnaire about it’s history, from both religious and historical aspects.
Finally the children attended a Mass, with the theme of Faith (as part of the Pope’s Year of Faith celebration)
Prior to visiting the Cathedral, St David’s Class completed a Topic Project on Cathedrals. The found out;
  • What is a Cathedral, and why are they called this?
  • Famous Cathedrals in the United Kingdom, and plotted them on a map
  • Researched Architect Augustus Pugin (who also designed Big Ben)
  • Gothic Revival Style of Architecture (we designed our own)
  • St George’s Cathedral today