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Term 6 newsletter

St George’s class        Term 6 Newsletter
This is an overview of our learning for the last term of the school year!
I am sure you are all aware that the first week of Term has been Monarchy week. The children have loved learning about Henry VIII.
Literacy – We will be reading a range of books:
Genres - Narrative – Extended stories by significant authors (story writing).
                Poetry – language, rhyme, pattern and limericks.  
Note: It is important that your child is reading daily at home with an adult, even if it is a few pages. Also, any writing that your child does at home (e.g. a diary, spelling, stories, etc) will help.
Numeracy – The Units that we will be covering are:
Calculating, measuring and understanding shape, which involves time and addition and subtraction.
Securing number facts, relationships and calculating, which involves multiplication as repeated addition and division as inverse. Also doubles, halves, quarters.
We will be using our recent assessment and revising areas that the children need to consolidate.
Science – This terms topic is an investigation Unit. We will be looking at famous scientists and inventors and carrying out weekly experiments from all previous topic.
RE/PSHE– Our themes are: Building bridges and Differences.
The children will be relating these to their own personal experiences and reading and responding to stories from the bible. The topics are about friendships and reconciliation We will also be learning about how everyone has special qualities and talents, which makes our world a better place.  The transition into Year 3 (juniors) in September will also be discussed at the end of the term.
ICT – Our topic is ‘Questions and answers’. In this unit children develop their awareness of different types of questions, how they can be asked and how ICT can be used to answer them using different types of software. They learn that some of the programs they have used so far to present data cannot provide the answers to some specific questions. They begin to realise that programs have limitations and that it is knowledge of the facilities and tools offered that helps us to select the most appropriate tool for a task.
Topic (History) - This term the children will be learning about Henry VIII. The majority of this will be done in monarch week in the first week back. The children will be learning about the past and comparing this to the present day events in our country.  
DT – The children will be making puppets. This unit involves children making a textile product by marking out, cutting and joining pieces of fabric. Children look at a selection of hand puppets and base their design on their investigations into how the puppets have been made and who they have been designed for. This unit provides a context for work in literacy and offers an opportunity for children to make up their own play or to retell a familiar story using their puppets.


Note: If you have any puppets at home, could the children please bring them into school to share. Thank you.
PE – This term the class will be basing their learning on the Olympics. We are also having Sports Day so the children will be practising outdoor games.
Note: Children must have their full PE kits in school every week from Monday to Friday. If you would like to wash them before the end of term the children can take them home on Friday, but they must return on Monday.
French – We will be consolidating and extending the children’s knowledge. 
E.g. general greetings and instructions, names of objects, e.g. fruit, veg, animals and colours. Numbers, days, months and weather.
Music - The children are continuing to learn tunes on the ocarinas as well as having singing/music lessons.
PSHE– The children will be relating real world issues to their own lives and looking at how different organisations, such as UNICEF work. They will be talking about their moral responsibility, the water shortage, friendships and school rules.
Your child should bring a water bottle and all their reading books into school daily.
Class trip – Our class and St Paul’s class will be going to Farming World on Thursday 19th July. If you are available to come and help and have a CRB check please let me know ASAP. 
Thank you for your continued support.
Mrs Ward