School Logo

Visions and Values

Our vision at St. Bartholomew's Catholic Primary School is to create a Christian environment which caters for the individual academic, social and spiritual needs of each child within a caring school family in which  all individuals are valued and respected as much for their differences as for their similarities.

We promote values and attitudes of the highest standard which allow each child to reach their full potential.

We strive to develop children's interests and talents and to equip each child with the tools they need for the future. 

 The dignity and value of our children is at the centre of everything we do 

Our Mission Statement

“Serve the Lord with Joy” is our school motto

St. Bartholomew’s exists to:


  • Encourage the spiritual and moral development of all pupils by helping each child to develop their relationship with God through prayer and worship


  • Recognise the importance of forging links with the parish, home and community


  • Encourage children to be independent and aspirational


  • Expose the children to a wide variety of experiences


  • Ensure that National Curriculum educational standards are achieved


  • Foster the intellectual, creative and physical capacity of each child


  • Work in an positive atmosphere of praise and encouragement


  • Prepare children to adapt to demands of a changing world, show respect for others and equip them for their future life


  • Work closely with parents and carers for the benefit of the children 


School Rules