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Who's Who

Our School Team:



Headteacher - Miss G Finaldi

Deputy Headteacher & KS1 Lead - Mrs R Fenton

KS2 Lead - Mrs H Bryant

EYFS Lead - Mrs K Hurley

Maths Lead - Miss S Hughes

SENCO - Mrs C Sparling


Child Protection Team:

Miss G Finaldi

Mrs R Fenton

Mrs C Sparling

Mrs H Bryant

Miss S Hughes


Parent Liaison Officer:

Mrs C Moran


Teaching Staff:

St Bernadette - Mrs K Hurley

St Clare - Mrs G Kaszycka

St Peter - Miss C Day

St Paul - Miss S Hughes

St George - Mrs R Fenton / Mrs L Hawkins

St Josephine - Mrs M Hopkins

St Martin - Miss A M Flower

St Theresa - Mrs C Moran

St Andrew - Mrs B Weaving

St Patrick - Mrs L Smith

St David - Mrs H Bryant 


Teaching Assistants:

St Bernadette - Mrs S Brooker & Miss E Mae

St Clare - Mrs L Sullivan / Mrs P Small / Mr L Brooks 

St Peter - Miss Z Whitfield / Miss L Carter

St Paul - Mrs N Dhanjal

St George - Mrs L Manzi

St Josephine - Mrs C Medhurst & Miss A Robson

St Martin - Mrs N Armstrong

St Theresa - Mrs T Chapman 

St Andrew - Mrs T Wickham & Mrs C Stallard

St Patrick - Mrs J Nash

St David - Mrs S Treves


French Teacher:

Mme L Ives


Subject Leadership:

Literacy - Mrs H Bryant

Phonics - Mrs K Hurley

Maths - Miss S Hughes

Computing & Online Safety  - Miss C Day

RE - Mrs B Weaving

Science - Mrs C Moran

History - Miss A M Flower

Geography - Mrs G Kaszycka

PE - Mrs M Hopkins

Art & DT - Mrs L Smith


The Hub (St Nicholas) Team:

Miss A Robson

Mrs C Medhurst

Mr J Gosling

Miss L Carter


Mental Health and Wellbeing Officers:

Miss C Day

Miss A Robson


Office Staff:

Secretary / Attendance Manager - Mrs D Teather

School Business Manager - Mrs J Hiscock


Midday Supervisors

Mrs J Nash (Senior Supervisor)

Miss E Mae, Mrs L Sullivan, Miss L Carter, Mrs N Dhanjal, Mrs L Manzi, Mrs C Medhurst, Miss A Robson, Mrs N Armstrong, Mrs T Chapman, Mrs C Stallard, Mrs S Treves, Miss K Harvey


Miss Z Whitfield & Mr J Gosling (Lunchtime Club)


Premises Manager:

Mr S Falzon


Computing Technician:

Mr V Markoon


Cleaning Staff:

Mrs L Donay

Miss K Harvey


Catering Staff:

Mrs M Gosden - Head of Kitchen

Mrs S Mills - Assistant Cook

Mrs Ridgers