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International Work At St Bart's

St Bartholomew's Catholic Primary School has successfully met the criteria for Accreditation for the International School Award. You have a very active partnership with a French school and have arranged a variety of excellent collaborative activities that will have created such enthusiasm for language learning in your pupils. You have also allowed your pupils with non-English mother languages to celebrate their diversity, which is very creditable. As you develop your international curriculum, you might consider introducing some opportunities for your pupils to learn about global issues, such as climate change and plastic pollution, and then for the pupils to take action. Sometimes a pupil committee can prove an effective way to get both pupils and their parents engaged. You might also consider introducing activities related to international calendar events, such as Fairtrade Fortnight or World Water Day. Such activities will allow your pupils to develop all aspects of their global citizenship, as well as their language learning. Well done and congratulations on the great international work that you have integrated into your school.

International and Language Policy

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II Around The World

International Work at St Bart's....

French Playground Games - Quelle heure est-il M Loup ? 1,2,3 soleil, Le facteur, Vieille Maman and Pétanque

Our International Assembly showing different Easter celebrations around the world

Chinese New Year

Partner School Easter Presentation

Please click the link below to see some super Maya Work in St Andrew's Class!

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  • Heritage Week 2021
  • World Book Day 2022

French at St Bartholomew's...

Our Families in Year 1