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First Communion Information 2023

To celebrate the Feast of Candlemas, we held a very important whole school Mass. In addition to our lovely children, parents and parishioners, we were lucky enough to have lots of special visitors share the day with us too. Bishop Paul Henricks presided over our Mass which was also attended by the Director of Education for the Southwark diocese as well as the Director of Education for Kent. St Theresa led the Mass and were impeccable in their readings and were supported by beautiful singing from the choir and the rest of the school.

This year for our Advent displays, we decided to represent the Christmas story through traditional Christmas carols. St Bernadette’s class were given free choice to create a Christmas display of their choice.

Mission Together Advent Calendar

Mission Together Advent Calendar

Holy Communions May 2022

Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 Easter Para-Liturgy

Celebrating Our Lady of the Rosary 7th October

November 2021

Prayers written by our School Chaplains Joshua and Zara


Let us join our hands together in prayer.


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for your amazing gifts and the never-ending love you share with us,

We are grateful for having a perfect friend like you, to lean on.


Help us to put you first in every life choice we make,

Help us to be more like you,


 We pray for all those who have died in this terrible pandemic and the people who have died in other situations.




Dear Jesus Christ,

We thank you for our qualities that you have given us such as, kindness, sympathy and forgiveness


Help us to understand that we are made and manufactured in your image.

Help us to take care of your world.

Help us to see everyday as an opportunity to do better in life with your help.


We pray for everyone that are experiencing difficult moments.



Congratulations to the children who celebrated their First Holy Communion on Saturday 2nd October

Congratulations to the children who celebrated their First Holy Communion on Saturday 25th September

50th Anniversary celebrations

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