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School Council 2023-2024

School Council 2023-2024

Our school council is made up of 22 members- two members from each class. We all wear our school council badges with pride around the school. Every other week we meet in the library with Mrs Fenton. Once we have had our meeting on a Tuesday it is our responsibility to lead a meeting in our own classes and report back everyone’s ideas and thoughts to the next school council meeting. We have lots of exciting ideas and projects for this year! 

Trim trail 

Our first project was the trim trail! We wanted to design a new trim trail for our school because our current one is broken. We held a few meetings to discuss ideas, looked at pictures for inspiration, Mrs Fenton showed us the different options from the website and then in pairs we designed our own trim trails. 

We then invited Mrs Hiscock (the lady in charge of money) to come to our next meeting. We presented her with our plans and discussed options with her. She took the plans away and had a meeting with the designers. 

Once Mrs Hiscock had the designs drawn up she presented the first draft with us. We loved it but asked to make a few changes to include a wobbly bridge and we also discussed a slide.


We have now received the final plans and are so excited for the next part!!