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Term 6

Monday 5th June - Science Week, Our science fair on Thursday 8th

W/C Monday 12th June - Official Multiplication Check - All in school all week please!


Please take a moment to read the notices below as well as the term dates above. 

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Mrs Moran & Mrs Chapman




  • Our P.E lesson is timetabled for Thursday afternoon. Please remember to bring your kit with you each week, don't forget you will be going home in it.  All P.E items should be named clearly.
  • Please remember to bring in your named water bottle each day.
  • Children have been allocated a reader day - they need to bring their reading book in on that day.  They will read with myself or Mrs Chapman and their book will be changed then too if required.  Reader days are posted in the documents below. 
  • Times Table Rock Stars - knowing your times tables is essential for so much of the work you will complete in Year 4 and beyond.  Keep your skills fresh by practising as often as you can.
  • Homework is given out on Friday and is expected back on Tuesday.
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SCIENCE half-term homework

How to use MyMaths

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Hi everyone!
Here is a reminder video from Miss Hughes for how to access MyMaths.
Your log in details have attached to you reading records along with your Bug Club, Purple Mash and TTRS log in codes.

Today we celebrated kindness with colour, we have such lovely friendship groups among us. Take a look!

As our class text is the hilarious Gangsta Granny, today we made cabbage soup to emulate her favourite meal! Many of us were open to trying it and it turns out, it's not as bad as we thought it would be! See, you never know until you try!

To mark the historic occasion of King Charles III Coronation, we made some beautiful suncatchers...

On our Coronation Day, we had an INCREDIBLY special visitor...

We got to award to KINDNESS award this week, and our very deserving recipient was...Scarlett. Well done!!!

The latest members of our 'Perfect Penmanship' were revealed today...HUGE congratulations!

We, along with our Year 4 friends in St Martin's class have been busy winning again this week. Great job Y4 - very proud of you for remaining undefeated!

We had a visit today from 'Bird Man' Alan, and he brought four of his feathered friends with him. We met Cybil the Hawk, she was quite naughty and couldn't see windows very well, Basil the Falcon was quite small but very noisy, Alaska the Bald eagle was immense in every way and finally Sparky the Barn owl. Ask us about it!

We had crazy, and I mean CRAZY hair day! Excellent effort everyone, I loved your new looks. 😁

Look who came to visit our class today...

Our submissions for the latest Art competition. Can you guess what the theme is? Hopefully, one of these beauties is a WINNER!!!

We are LEGENDS!!! In the history of TTRS at St Bart's, no-one has ever scored a 6 figure total - until now!!! 101,195 points for YEAR 4. WOW

Check us out...we ALL received a personal letter from LAURA TROTT, our MP, in response to the letters we sent to her about reducing our carbon footprint. How awesome is that!

World Sleep Day 2023, raising money for our Lenten charities.

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them. Even though we had an incredibly busy day, we still found a few minutes to PLAY!! Group 8 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them, our workshop to the Afterlife was superb!!!! Group 7 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them. We found a MASSIVE 6 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them. Dress like an Egyptian workshop, group 5 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them, so please look at them all. LUNCH!!! Group 4 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them, so please look at them all. This is our drama, 'Entertainment for a Pharoah'. Group 3 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them, so please look at them all. This is our crazy physician workshop. Group 2 of 8. :-)

Egyptian class trip - what a great day!!! Lots of photos so I have grouped them, so please look at them all. This is our journey group 1 of 8. :-)

Our determination paid off and the TTRS trophy came back to us!

Perfect Penmanship this week goes to....

As a treat for World Book Day, Amber an incredible story teller came in and shared a famous African tale with us. It was so much fun! Ask us about it...

World Book Day 2023. What a superb collection of characters we have in our class! Thank you for being so enthusiastic today.

This week in our class, I have introduced a new initiative to encourage the children to focus as much on their written presentation as their brilliant content. I have bought a cuddly pencil, that is 1 metre tall!!! Children will experience cuddling 'Penny' when they produce beautifully presented work. See who has been lucky enough below!

Our Egyptian masks are finished. Huge thanks to Mrs Dhanjal for her expertise when creating these masterpieces!

Today we shared our charity based research homework task. We had many different charities championed by the children, all extremely worthy causes! So thank you all for your effort and confidence in completing this.

Today we were invited to a very important workshop. It was all about E-Safety and how to stay as safe in the virtual world as we do in the real world. Ask us what we learned!

All our efforts paid off once more when the TTRS trophy came back to us. We won with 55,372 points which gave us 40,000 more points more than our rivals. Well done to everyone who played for our team!

Lower KS2 have been learning about Judaism. We were learning about their Holy Book called the Torah. It is a sacred scroll written in Hebrew that details, amongst other things the ten commandments given to Moses by God on Mount Sinai. We made our own scrolls and wrote some typical Jewish prayers. We wrote them in Hebrew, then gave a phonetic translation before translating into English. They look BRILLIANT!!!

Today we enjoyed an brilliant dance workshop based around Chinese New Year. We learned a lot and had so much fun. Ask us about it!

We conducted an investigation to see the affects various fluids can have on our teeth. For this we used eggs as their shell is similar to the enamel we have on our teeth. We submerged the eggs into water, coke, vinegar, black coffee and covered our final egg in toothpaste and sunk that in black coffee too. Check out what happened to each egg after 5 days...

Dr Anna came in today to introduce us to the wonder that is our digestive system. We learned that we produce 1.5 litres of saliva each time we eat, our small intestine is actually 6.7 metres long and our liver is self- healing. WOW!! Thanks Dr Anna, we loved having you with us.

After lunch today, we were exploring how much plaque we have on our teeth. We were given the option to chew a disclosing tablet to show us our old plaque and our new plaque. Old plaque would turn blue and new would turn red. Check us out!

Notre vainqueur de la coupe du monde - toutes nos félicitations Dewey!!!!

In maths today we were applying our skills of multiplying by 10 and 100, as well as dividing by 10. We used tarsia puzzles to show off our knowledge.

Today we thought about what we would like 2023 to bring. Here are some of our beautiful ideas!

Proud teacher alert!!! We retained the trophy with a MASSIVE score. Excellent job team Theresa 👏👏👏

Today we met our buddies. We are lucky enough to be buddies to TWO classes. What a privilege! We had loads of fun playing lots of games as you can see.

We had a visit from two very special people, Mrs Claus and her elf!

Cribs gave us a really lovely performance of the Nativity story in a really beautiful way. Ask us about it!

Snow much fun did we have today...? And I thought the class quite liked me, turns out when snowballs are around, everyone is fair game! 😆

We WON! Well done chaps for your tremendous effort in our first proper TTRS battle. It was close in the end with less than 5,000 points between us. Thank you St Andrew’s class for such an enjoyable battle.

Today we went on our school trip to Shorne Wood. We participated in three workshops across the day - way finding, the water cycle and an eco challenge. All were really enjoyable, ask us about our day!

In science today, we were investigating shadows. We wanted to see the shadows that transparent, translucent and opaque objects made. Look at some of our creative shadows!

Maths today got very sticky! We were investigating area using post it notes and NOHING was safe. Ask us about it...

Today we became Stone Age foragers and painters. We wanted to create authentic cave paintings that Stone Age people may have painted. We went looking on the field for sticks, feathers, stones or anything else we thought would make a substitute paintbrush. Using natural materials, we painted onto some sandpaper to recreate the surface of a cave wall. Great end results, as you can see!

We have been trying to improve our times table skills by playing some games. Today was a new one, we were rolling special 12 sided dice to generate a times table question for us to answer. We had to draw the array that matched. We were competing against a partner to see who could achieve the most arrays!

We’ve been making ourselves very tired with our latest science investigation. It involved A LOT of vigorous shaking! We’re trying to find out how much gas weighs, and at the same time, find out which common fizzy drink is the fizziest. Ask us about it, if we have the energy left to tell you that is!

Today we went looking for assets on our field that we could use in the Stone Age. We also thought about what threats these assets could protect us against.

This morning we had a very important road safety workshop. The main message we learned was BE BRIGHT, BE SEEN. We learned lots of other safety tips too. Please ask us about them.

Today, we had a Zoom workshop all about The Stone Age. We learned about some weapons and beastly animals. Ask us about it!