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2nd November 

Should the school day be extended for all children?



  • Better academic results 
  • Improves prospects 
  • Supports working parents 
  • Better career prospects 



  • Poor mental health
  • Less time for clubs and extra curricular activities 
  • Stress over workload 
  • Family and friends time will be reduced 
  • Teacher workload 


Please have your say below and vote for whether you think the school day should be longer. 

19th October 

This week we discussed whether there should be an Instagram for children.  Before we met we all researched the pros and cons for this and thought carefully about whether it was safe for children to have access to their own Instagram accounts. 


Here are some of the reasons we talked about: 



  • Keep in contact with friends and family
  • Parental controls can make sure it's safe. 
  • Trust 
  • Responsibility 
  • To find out more about the world
  • Learning from a young age self control on how long to spend on screens



  • Unsafe
  • Too much screen time
  • Cyber bullying 
  • Don't know who you are talking to online
  • exposed to things that aren't always appropriate 


What do you think?


Have your say...VOTE NOW.

Week 1 Debating Club Results


No - 20 votes

No (with a reason) - 1

Yes - 2