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Residential Clothing List

Outdoor Learning - Maths

Milo the Dog visits St David's Class

Parents Evening 29-30th March 2021

Mrs Bryant's Weekly Message

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Mrs Bryant's Video Message

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Front Cover for class text - There's a Boy in the Girls Bathroom

Lenten Competition Entries

Week 6 Home Learning Message

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The Climb Lyrics - Half Term Homework

Week 6 - PSHE ideas from St David Class

Week 5 Class Video

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Week 5 Home Learning Challenge

Week 5 Challenge: To make a rocket launcher.

Please take photos of you making your rocket launcher. 


I would like you to record how far your rocket flies.  Please record the launches and measure their flight using appropriate measurements. 


Have fun!

Week 5 St David Class Challenge - To make a rocket launcher

Week 5 - Maths Game Competition - Winner - Leo

Week 5 Zoom Meeting 

Monday 1st February 9.30am 

Invitations will be sent on Purple Mash accounts. 

Week 4 Zoom Meeting

Exciting News!  We will be having our first class zoom meeting on Monday.  Please make sure you have accessed the invitation from your Purple Mash email. 



Week 4 Challenge

This week I would like you to try and get outside with your families.  This activity will support your PE.  Using the Strava app (or equivalent) I would like you to go out for a walk and attempt to draw a picture (any picture) with your route.  Please then screenshot your picture and email it in to me (I'll add some example pictures on our class page this week).

Have fun!  



Week 3 Class Logo Competition

Many thanks for all the class logos you have emailed in to us.  The standard has been very high.  I will announce the winner on our Zoom call next week. 

Week 4 - Whole School Challenge - Poetry Competition

Week 4 - Whole School Challenge - Poetry Competition

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Week 4 - Whole School Challenge - Poetry Competition

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Week 4 - Poetry Competition Winner

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St David's Class Logo Competition

Strava App Picture Examples

Week 4 Overview Message From Mrs Bryant

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St David's Lockdown Competition 


I would like you to all design your own St David Logo.  It will be displayed on our door and will welcome all our visitors. It should include the following: 

  • lots of colour
  • it must be eye catching
  • a religious aspect 
  • something that represents us a class
  • is reflective of the time that we are in 


I would like you ALL to participate in this competition. 


All logos must be emailed to me by Friday 22nd January 3pm.  The winner will be announced the following week. 


Good luck!


Hello Year 6.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the tasks I am setting for you each week.  The standard of work I have been receiving has been very good, please keep this up.  

Your home learning for week 3 is ready for you to begin on Monday morning.  Remember to do the work each day and continue to read everyday too. You need to email to me, by Thursday evening, how many minutes you have read for in total for the week. You should be reading for a minimum of an hour every day at the moment because you have the extra time.  Please set yourself this challenge and let me know how you get on.  

I would also like you to watch cbbc newsround everyday.  It is important for you to know what is happening in the world around us.  If you are interested in any of the news you see, then research it - this is how we learn.  You should always want to know more, learn more and ask questions.  

I am hoping to set up a class zoom meeting within the next couple of weeks.  In order for me to do so I will need permission from your parents and the email address  they would like me to use to invite you.  Discuss this with your parents, and if they are happy for you to participate, then ask them to email me confirming the relevant details.  I don't have a date for this yet but I will let you know as soon as possible. 

Work hard!

Mrs Bryant


Class email:

Week 3 Overview

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Message from Mrs Bryant

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For all tasks this week, you DO NOT have to print out the sheets. Working on paper is fine. 


You do not need to write out the questions.


For any tasks that have multiple activities, please choose the activity sheet for your ability (as you would do in class!) I expect most Year 6 pupils to be completing the most challenging tasks.

St David's Roles and Responsibilities


Head Boy:



Head Girl: 





House Captains:

Becket - Megan

Savio- James

Mercy- Daisy

Fisher- Emilia




Christmas Poems

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Greek Vases

St David's Class Information


This term homework will be given out on a Friday and to be returned by Wednesday  - there will be support sessions every Monday morning for children that may have struggled with a particular question or need support to complete it.  If the children do not bring their homework in the following Wednesday they will be expected to complete it a break times until it is finished.  Homework given in late may not be marked.  



Your full PE kit should be in school at all times. PE lessons take place on  a Friday.



Spelling tests will take place on a Friday morning with Mr VanDieren.  If children get more than 30% of their spellings wrong there will be a retest  the following Monday.



Reading books will be changed by the children when necessary. 

Please encourage your children to read for at least 20 minutes every day.  This is imperative for their reading development.  Your child will have a set of questions on a bookmark that should be used to develop their understanding of a text - please use this to help them to develop this skill.   

Term 1 Spellings 


Throughout term 1 we will be focusing on the year 5 and 6 statutory words that all children are expected to know how to spell before they leave primary school.  Please ensure that your child learns them every week.