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Child Led Prayers

Each one of our children at St Bartholomew's learns that they are loved by God and that they are special and have dignity in His sight. They are taught the power of prayer and building a friendship with Jesus who always listens to them. Our children are given opportunities to lead their own prayers whether this is through spontaneous petition in class or during assemblies, or through composing and writing prayers they read for all to join them. 

Children are taught about prayers of praise, petition, intercession and thanksgiving and are taught that there are many ways we can speak to and listen to God. 

Prayers written by our children

Our chaplains praying in Church

Our Head Boys and Girls leading tannoy prayers for the whole school to join in with

Our Reception children leading prayers in assembly

Three children from St Theresa leading their class in prayers for the sick and praising God for the riches they have.

One of our Chaplains from St Clare, Kaja, leading her class in prayer with a prayer she wrote herself to thank God.

Children in St Josephine's during class prayer time